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This is a space for creating your own virtual home! Create your own website without any limitations and share it with the world. And all this is totally free. You will not be asked to put any link or advertising in return.

You will get a url such as where you can put up as much stuff as you want. Use the information in the "Contact Information" page of this website and get space for building your virtual home.

Who can use this space?

This space is mainly for visually impaired persons in India. This is an attempt at giving them a free and easy way of expressing themselves on the internet.

Why create a website on

This website hopes to bring likeminded persons together. People who will make website on this domain will have their name listed on this page. Any new visitor to this website will be able to find and navigate to websites of all members.

This website intends to build a community which will benifit all its visitors


Accessibility is a top priority and therefore this website adheres to W3C standards. It provides a number of accessibility features. This page has been created using a template and all the pages of this website will be similar in structure. The design is css based and therefore teh presentation of this page can be changed using a preferred stylesheet if required by persons with special needs.

The content of this page has been placed under headings so that screen reader users can navigate to various parts of the page easily.

There are two skip links at the top of the page as well. The first skip link takes you directly to the unique content of the page and the second skip link takes you to the sidebar which contains various links.

In the spotlight

Ved Prakash Sharma's Musical Expressions is the latest entrant on the MyEHome domain. It is yet another useful website full of Music and goodies.

K.J. Jagan is a new entrant on the MyEHome domain and has very quickly setup his website which has links to musical compositions and useful articles.

Check out the Just for fun section on Prashant's website for great jokes, amazing facts and interesting articles.

Also visit Yogesh and Amar Jain who are collecting useful books in their E Homes.